Island Creative Quarantine


”Heart to Sea” is an interactive sound project by Adriana García Gaitan, Aggeliki Tsekeni and Nicole McKenna (A7 Collective). This project is part of the “Mixed-up Sensation workshop”, given by Antonno Versteeg during Island Creative Quarantine, in Ameland, off the north coast of Holland in November 2010. “Heart to sea” focuses on ”seeing sound /sounding sea”.

Sounds recorded from the sea were modified to create a heartbeat. Light sensors triggered heartbeat sounds in response to the lighthouse beam; sounds transmitted via walkie-talkie to the island interrior / exhibition centre.

Ameland island is essentially a sandbar, created by the sea, but its future depends on its protection from that which made it. Thus, polders which protect the island’s interior from the surrounding sea, also render the sea invisible from the interior of the island. The lighthouse signifies the sea, and the island alike. It is the heart of the island and the islanders.



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