Boora Radio – stories on demand

Artwork by Nicole McKenna
Co Offaly

May 2011

Boora Radio is a stand alone artwork within The Boora Project. Sound files, including Boora workers stories, conversations and musings, as well as ambient sounds from Boora Works (machine sounds, locomotives etc.) are available on demand through “tuner dial” on Boora Radio – this an interactive piece of physical computing; an Arduino wave shield plays wav files from an SD card located within the radio itself.


The video link above shows documentation of the radio playing. In this video the sound files play on a loop, however, the user can change channel (sound files) using the physical dial on the radio itself.

Hear the stories, play sound bites by clicking on the links below!

Tea huts go back a long way…

Markers … bonuses

Shovel rashers

Machines at work

Frozen bog







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